History | Ethos

Kingfisher’s philosophy

  • Vision

To be a value based school of choice offering superior education focused on the individual development of each learner to their full potential.

  • Mission statement

To capitalise on the experience and dedication of our highly qualified staff to offer a dynamic, interactive English-medium education reflecting the fundamental values of Kingfisher.

  • Values

Kingfisher is committed to creating a learning environment in which the school’s core values of respect, responsibility and integrity can flourish. Every opportunity is provided to ensure that each child develops self-confidence and an emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual balance in their lives. Every aspect of Kingfisher school life is permeated with Christian values; and compassion, self-discipline and the desire to care for others is instilled in each learner.

Achieving the vision

Kingfisher classes are small and the favourable teacher to learner ratio ensures that each child can be encouraged and mentored to reach their full potential. Kingfisher offers a disciplined yet stimulating environment to ensure that children develop a love of learning, and the self-esteem necessary to excel.

Kingfisher is committed to staff development, is affiliated to ISASA and the IEB, and is benchmarked against other leading private educational institutions.
Extra-mural activities are wide ranging and encompass academic, cultural and sporting activities. In addition, Kingfisher has a strong sense of social responsibility and enthusiastically undertakes outreach projects in the local community.

Kingfisher emblem and motto

The school’s emblem is a Kingfisher and its Latin motto is Non penna sed usus which translates as “Not the wings, but the use”.  This embodies the ethos of Kingfisher, that each child is an individual with their own unique potential and particular talents to be identified and developed. Kingfisher is committed to ensuring that each child, at every stage of their school life, realises their full potential.

School teams

At Kingfisher, learners and educators are divided into two teams: Malachites (green) and Kookaburras (red). At internal sporting occasions, and for many of the fun events, the Malachites and Kookaburras strive to prove that their team is the best. The teams can become very vocal in their support!

School song

With joy, joy, joy we sing our song
For the world and all to hear
We honour God and all creation
And proclaim this without fear.

Kingfisher, Kingfisher
Fly higher every day
Kingfisher, Kingfisher
By grace fly all the way

In our school we work and play every day
‘til the sun is high at noon
To do our best with faithful zest
For each day is over soon


(repeat all)

School history

In September of 1999, three Phalaborwa-based teachers (Charmaine Lester, Tanya Payne and Dawn Ives) recognised the need for an English-medium private school in Phalaborwa. This enthusiastic set of educators sought advise from  ISASA on procedures and set about searching for support for their vision.

Local businessman Bill Smith had long since recognised the need for such a school, and was quick to offer the financial backing required, as well as premises at his newly-built townhouse complex in the town. Bill Smith remains Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the school to this day.

Kingfisher Private School opened its doors on 11 January 2000, and began operating from a series of townhouses, each carefully converted to classrooms, in a tranquil complex at Combretum Gardens in Phalaborwa. As the years passed and Kingfisher’s reputation spread, the enrollment was set to outstrip the available facilities.

As a result, in March 2003 Kingfisher Private School moved into the fully-renovated former Selati Club. This sprawling complex proved ideal for the school, and lent itself to conversion to a full range of classrooms, halls, laboratories and computer centre. The grounds were converted to spacious playgrounds, and the tennis courts and large swimming pool were put to immediate good use.

The school is ideally appointed, with different wings of the building for each of the phases. Kingfisher had found its permanent home, and has gone from strength to strength since in terms of enrollment, success, reputation and inimitable spirit.