Opening hours

* School office

The school office is open during school terms only.  Times:  Monday to Thursday, from 07:00 to 14:00.  Friday 07:00 – 14:00.

It is closed on public holidays.

* Pre-preparatory school

Pre-preparatory school children should arrive between 07:00 and 08:00.

Parents should collect their children promptly at 13h00 Monday-Thursday and at 13:45 on Fridays.

There is a waiting class from 13:00 to 14:00 (13:00 to 13:45 on Fridays) for those children who have older siblings who finish later.

When collecting your Fledgling child, please come to the classroom. Parents of Grade R children, should please wait at the school gate.

* Preparatory school  (Grade 1 – 3)

Preparatory school children must be at school by 07:10. It is advisable to drop your child between 06:45 and 07:00 to allow time for settling in. Many learners have a difficult day if they are late or only just on time.

There is a waiting class from 13:00 to 14:00 (13:00 to 13:45 on Fridays) for those children who have older siblings who finish later or who have extra murals starting at 14:00.

* Grade 4 to 7

Parents should collect their children promptly at (Monday – Thursday 14:00) or (Friday 13:45) at the school gate, unless after-school activities are scheduled.

* College

College learners must be at school by 07:10. They are free to leave at (Monday to Thursday 14:00) or (Friday 13:45) unless after-school activities are scheduled.

School terms

The school year is divided into four terms in line with the standard South African academic year. Note that terms do not necessarily start and finish on the same dates as government schools. Check the events calendar for further details.

Events calendar

There are many compulsory and optional activities scheduled each year. Learners and parents are encouraged to support the school whenever possible. The activities are published in every week’s newsletter, and are published at the beginning of each term.


A newsletter is emailed or sent home with each learner every week to enable parents to keep in touch with what is happening at the school. Parents are requested to read the newsletter as soon as possible and make notes in their diaries of any important dates.

Download example newsletter (requires Adobe PDF Reader).

Admissions policy

* In the interests of the education of every learner at the school, prospective applicants must demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in English, prior to placement. Pre-preparatory school learners are an exception, as they have three years to learn English before commencing Grade 1. Second language learners are encouraged to start in the pre-preparatory school so that by the time they reach Grade 1 their English will be of the required standard.
* Admission of the learner is subject to compliance with all admission requirements of the school and any form of false declaration will render the application for admission void.
* Application for enrollment does not guarantee entrance into the school.
* Learners must pass grade appropriate mathematical ability, English comprehension and English oral entry examinations prior to admission.
* The school encourages and seeks parental involvement in all activities of the school. An interview is conducted with parents, during which the school’s ethics are conveyed. The business expertise of all parents, in all sectors of business, can add value to the management of the school. Education is a partnership between school educators, the Board of Governors, parents and the community.

Fee schedule

Money-compulsory fees comprise the registration/application fee, an annual development fee, and the monthly school fees as specified on an annual basis. The current school fees are made up as follows:

* A non-refundable assessment fee of R250 per learner is payable upon testing the learner.
* A non-refundable registration fee is payable per learner to secure placement in the school.   Please see the fee schedule for details.
* A development fee is payable each January. (See Fee Structure for Details).

Monthly school fees are payable in advance, for each of the twelve months. The registration fee may be paid over the first twelve months after registration.

The following discounts apply to monthly school fees only:

  1. Families with more than one child at Kingfisher benefit from a 5% discount on school fees for the 2nd child and a 10% discount for the 3rd or 4th child.

Payment method

The only acceptable methods of payment are a Stop Order payment, or proof of payment directly into the school bank account.

Where the tuition and registration fees are paid by an employer, the parent/custodian is not absolved of responsibility for ensuring that the correct amounts are paid by the due date.

Scholarships and fee assistance

* Corporate Partnership Full Scholarships

Kingfisher Private School was established as a center of learning excellence to serve the community as a co-educational pre-preparatory school, preparatory school and college. It is an independent non-profit school, open to all and committed to the development of each learner to their full potential.

The Scholarship Programme aims to assist the school in realising its vision of broadening access to superior education for the local community. Selection is open to previously disadvantaged learners who have demonstrated a commitment to learning despite potentially difficult circumstances. It is aimed at deserving candidates who simply would not have had an opportunity to access this quality of education due to a lack of educational facilities.

The selection process is structured, impartial, transparent and administered by a scholarship committee that includes representative from Kingfisher Corporate Partners who have sponsored these scholarships and are committed and involved in their fair and fruitful execution. School performance, specifically in mathematics and sciences, is considered, in tandem with leadership potential and the results of the Kingfisher scholarship examination.

Kingfisher is proud of the success of this programme, and all learners in the school undoubtedly benefit from the greater racial and cultural diversity that the scholarship scheme brings.

Kingfisher actively seeks prospective donors for this scholarship programme, which identifies students with high potential who could otherwise be lost to the business community simply through a lack of access to educational facilities. We seek to identify leaders of the future, and with the assistance of our corporate partners ensure that their full potential is realised.

Please contact the Kingfisher Private School Administrator for further information.

* Kingfisher Fee Assistance Scheme

Kingfisher Private School endeavors to assist families who encounter genuine hardship with meeting the full cost of the school fees. Fee assistance may be applied for under specific circumstances, and when set criteria are applicable.

Please contact the Kingfisher Private School Administrator for further information.

Aftercare fees

Aftercare fees are per month per child, payable monthly in advance.  Aftercare fees are payable for 11 months, where school fees are for 12 months.  See the Fee structure for the updated fees.

Aftercare fees are invoiced on the school account together with the school fees, and no separate payment is needed for aftercare.  Where fees are paid by internet bank transfer, please ensure that the reference includes both the child’s surname, initials, and Grade number.

Learners attending aftercare on an ad hoc basis pay per day, and it must be arranged with the school secretary at least one day in advance.

Registration forms for aftercare are available from the school secretary.

Stationery list

Learners are issued with stationery lists at the end of the academic year, for the following year.  New learners are issued with the lists upon enrollment.

Uniform code

Uniform varies depending on the learner’s grade.   You will see the most recent Uniform Codes under The heading Post Categories / Forms and Documents.

Uniform stock – Uniforms may be purchased at the Julian Thom Outfitters store in Phalaborwa.

* Discount uniforms

There is a uniform shop at the school that sells a variety of new and used items (including large adult sizes), usually at discount prices.  Ms. Virginia Mathebula is in charge of the Uniform shop.  Please make an appointment through the school secretary with her.

The following lists require Adobe PDF Reader:

* Price list: new and used

Disciplinary procedure

Disciplinary procedure for all Kingfisher learners (requires Adobe PDF Reader).