Kingfisher is proud of its impressive, well-maintained facilities and extensive grounds.


Kingfisher classrooms are large, bright, airy and furnished to match the specific needs of each grade.  Every classroom is air-conditioned to offset the extreme Phalaborwa heat. At Kingfisher the classroom layouts are designed to be stimulating, and each child is involved in contributing to classroom displays, which are regularly updated. The spacious classrooms ensure that each child has plenty of personal space in which to work, whilst allowing for expansive teamwork as interpretation of the curriculum may demand.

Kingfisher is rightly proud of its superbly equipped science and biology laboratories, where many of its award-winning Science Expo projects originate. Inspired teaching, coupled with state of the art laboratory equipment, ensure that potential  scientists of the future have every opportunity to flourish. Kingfisher places a firm emphasis on the teaching of science and mathematics, seeking to address the perceived shortfall of emphasis on these fields within South Africa.

All learners have access to the well-equipped and laid out computer laboratory, and students of all grades receive instruction in computing. In the fast-evolving technological world in which we live computer skills are critical, and at Kingfisher each learner is provided with the comprehensive grounding necessary to excel.

Sports Facilities

  • Swimming pools

Kingfisher is fortunate to have a superb competition-sized pool with starting blocks and lane dividers. No doubt as a result of the heat, Phalaborwa children love to swim, and learners at Kingfisher are given every opportunity to become accomplished swimmers.

The pre-preparatory school has its own paddling pool where the basics of swimming are taught, before the learners graduate in due course to the main pool. The pre-preparatory school pool is also a fabulous source of fun and a most welcome place to cool off on the hotter days.

  • Sports field

The LA Smith Sports Field with its pavilion is an integral part of school life. Learners are able to practice and compete in a range of athletics events and ball sports. Many sports are offered at Kingfisher, and each child is encouraged to try as many as possible and develop a love of outdoor activities as a result. Sports participation differs from phase to phase, so please see each school phase’s page on this web site for a complete list of sports and activities offered at that stage.

Pre-preparatory school recreation areas
The pre-preparatory school play areas are a particularly bright, vibrant and colourful part of the school, where our youngest learners enjoy activities that further their physical, academic and cultural development. The playground is beautifully appointed, with colourful jungle gyms and play centres.

There is a secure bicycle shed where school trikes, bikes and scooters are stored, and where learners can store their own bikes for the weekly “bike day” when they are allowed to scoot around on the “road system” that has been set up on surplus tennis courts at the school.

In addition, the pre-preparatory school has a dedicated “fantasy room” where the children’s imagination can run wild and they can find props and costumes for all manner of imaginary play.