Kingfisher Private School offers a variety of extra-mural activities, and cultural activities.

There is also an Aftercare centre available to parents who are unable to collect their children in the middle of the day.

Pre-preparatory school
Many of the pre-preparatory school’s usual activities are based on art, music, drama and culture, since these are effective methods of teaching young children. There are no extra-mural activities at this stage other than swimming and occasional practices for school concerts.

Preparatory school

  • Chess
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Wildlife Club
  • Mini-Cricket
  • Swimming
  • Cricket


  • Chess
  • Orators
  • Adventure activities
  • Cricket
  • Art
  • Swimming

Whole school
There are two annual charity walks in which the school encourages all learners to participate:  Beneficiaries are determined at the time and we endeavor to support local organisations.

The Aftercare centre is run by educators and teaching assistants. Children from Fledglings to Grade 9 are welcome. Learners may attend either full time or on an ad hoc basis (eg when a parent is unexpectedly called to a meeting).

Learners are required to bring “civvies” so that they can change out of their uniform for the afternoon.

Children from Grade 1 – 9 do their homework with supervision from the educators. Once finished, they are free to play and swim, again with full supervision.

Learners who are registered for extra murals are directed to their activities at the appropriate times.

In the middle of the afternoon, all learners receive a drink, sandwich and a piece of fruit.

Fees are payable monthly in advance. Registration forms are available from the school secretary.

Note: once your child is registered for aftercare, you are required to give one month’s notice to withdraw your child.