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Intersen Phase Documents

Here you will find all the documents needed for the Intersen Phase.










Uniform Code Nov 2014

Timetable Grade 7

Timetable Grade 6

Timetable Grade 5

Timetable Grade 4

Term 1 Afrikaans Grade 5 Breakdown

Term 1 Mathematics Grade 4 breakdown

Term 1 Mathematics Grade 5 breakdown

Term 1 Mathematics Grade 6 breakdown

Term 1 Mathematics Grade 7 breakdown

PG Criteria for Parents 2015

Praise and Worship Stationery Letter 2015

T1_3Project time table 2015

T1_Test timetable – T1

Grade 7 PE Letter

Intersen Phase Procedures

Intersen Phase Stationery List 2015

IP Code of conduct January 2015

Natalie Policies and Procedures

Grade 7 Maths Letter

Grade 7 L.O., History, Bible Letter

Grade 7 EMS Letter

Grade 6 PE Letter

Grade 7 Creative Art Letter

Grade 6 Maths Letter

Grade 6 L.O., History, Bible Letter

Grade 6 Afrikaans Test 22 January 2015

Grade 6 & 7 Afrikaans Letter

Grade 5 PE Letter

Grade 5 Maths Letter

Grade 5 English Test 29 January 2015

Grade 5 Afrikaans, L.O., History, Bible Letter

Grade 4-7 Science Letter Grade 4-7 Geography Letter

Grade 4-7 Computer Literacy Letter

Grade 4-6 Creative Art Letter Grade 4 PE Letter

Grade 4 Maths Letter

Grade 4 English Test 22 January 2015

Formal Assessment Programme Grade 5 Term 1

Formal Assessment Programme Grade 6 Term 1

Formal Assessment Programme Grade 7 Term 1

Grade 4 Afrikaans, L.O., History, Bible Letter

Grade 4 English Letter

Formal Assessment Programme Grade 4 Term 1

Duty list fun afternoon 2015

2015 daily timetable

Kingfishers flying high! Well done Class of 2012!

Kingfisher Private School has once again achieved a 100% matric pass rate. Learners wrote the Independent Examination Board examinations, which are regarded to be the examinations of choice and quality by most independent education authorities. Candidates who wrote the IEB examinations achieved a 98,2% pass rate as opposed to the 73,9% pass rate of those who wrote the State examinations. A significant statistic is that while 83,6% of IEB candidates qualified for degree studies, whereas only 26,6% of the learners who wrote the State examinations can study for a degree. Longitudinal studies undertaken by UCT repeatedly show that learners from IEB schools fare better at university than those from State schools.
More important than the 100% pass rate, is the quality of individual candidates’ achievements. All candidates wrote Mathematics (pure) and passed. With the exception of one learner, they all wrote Physical Sciences, which they all passed too. These statistics are of significant value at a time when learners are generally shying away from these “gateway” subjects for easier options, limiting their choice of career path and devaluing the quality of their matric certificate.
Eleven candidates wrote matric. Amongst them, they achieved 6 A symbols, 23 B symbols and 16 C symbols. The top achievers are: Cheyeza Mabuza and Mpho Mononela who both achieved 5 B symbols. Cheyeza missed a distinction in Mathematics by 2%, Sewela Makgolane who achieved 2 A symbols and 4 B symbols and Kaya Mlambo who achieved 1 A symbol and 4 B symbols.
Kingfisher Private School attributes its continued success to the dedication and commitment of their staff and learners, the ethos of discipline, self-discipline and the value placed on a sound work ethic. The learners are independent workers who are challenged to think out of the box. The guidance and support, as well as the staff training received from the IEB are invaluable. Three of our learners have been awarded PMC bursaries for tertiary studies. They are Sewela Makgolane, Kaya Mlambo and TK Mojela.
Congratulations Kingfishers, it’s not the wings but the use. Keep flying high!
Grade 12 (2012)
Kingfisher Private School Grade 12 class (2012)

Kingfisher Private School Grade 12 class (2012)

Chess, May 12th